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Why trading the assets is profitable


Any transaction in the financial market is carried out by a purchase or a sale of a specific asset. You can work with assets that exist physically (gold, oil, etc.) or assets that exist virtually (e.g., indices). Traders make a profit if they are successful in predicting the direction of a price development.

All deals are made in real time and do not require the physical purchase of goods, allowing you to make profit solely on the basis of the difference in quotations, buying and immediately selling the selected asset.

TAssets gives you access to trading on financial markets using a large number of trading tools and helpful tips.

Our advantages

Safety and reliability

Safety and reliability

We carefully test and select only the best tools and strategies. The information is fully tested for completeness and reliability before supplying.

High leverage

High leverage

We give you the opportunity to choose from any of the acceptable trading styles: aggressive or discreet. But remember that you increase your risks by choosing an aggressive trading style with a high level of leverage.

The best spreads

The best spreads

You will receive the lowest spreads without restrictions for any of the trading volumes in either currency. In addition to profitable offers you get a guarantee of the transactions security from external influences or third-party manipulations. With us, you will be heading towards financial well-being.

Safety and reliability

Fast registration

Our TAssets platform gives you the opportunity to get your well-deserved profit at any time. Choose a strategy, analyze and use a variety of tools and graphs. Our specialists and financial market experts provide assistance 24/7.

Asset types

  • Stocks
  • Crypto
  • Commodities
135.81 -0.97%
$897.34 B Market Cap
200.51 +0.37%
$882.89 B Market Cap
1,785.22 -0.53%
$847.49 B Market Cap
1,174.73 -0.51%
$824.21 B Market Cap
11,259.49 -0.16%
$202.44 B Market Cap
206.37 -0.98%
$22.48 B Market Cap
0.28 -0.48%
$12.79 B Market Cap
0.06 -2.03%
$510.73 M Market Cap
865.27 +1.31%
1.14% 1W change
17.44 +2.78%
6.4% 1W change
1,524.76 +0.49%
1.14% 1W change
Crude Oil Bret
58.47 -1.28%
-2.22% 1W change

How to start trading the assets

Step 1: Register for TAssets

First you need to register an account. After the registration you will also receive your first gift from TAssets.

Step 2: Take an Appropriateness Test and Verify your Identity

Before you start trading you need to confirm your account. Then you will be able to login and access the dashboard where you will see an overview of your account and make new deposits or request withdrawals.

Step 3: Make a deposit

You should make a deposit to start trading

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